Our REM Theater can hold up to 620 people. It is perfect for events such as keynote speakers, graduations, product releases, and large company meetings! There are a wide range of stage capabilities that we can customize to fit your event perfectly. Check out the REM theater layout to see the complete floorplan and set up.

Looking to host a smaller event? Our Burton theater is a 300 person capacity theater suited for video conferencing, presentations, trainings, product demos and so much more. Contact us for additional information or to book your next event!






  • Audio: We provide access to a wired podium mic and 8+ wireless mics including both handheld & lavaliers. Client music options such as background, intro, or outro music are available with our full range sound system.
  • Lighting: Full or partial stage wash specials, LED backlighting, and/or variable dimming for transitions or videos are features to help bring your event to life.
  • Video: We have a large rear projection screen, multiple confidence monitors, and the ability to switch between multiple sources.
  • Video conferencing: Ability to host web conferences with up to 1,000 participants and stream audio/presentations/video simultaneously. We have high quality HD cameras and web conference recording.
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